1617 West Campbell   
Arlington Heights, IL 60005   
(847) 255-9120   

The Arlington Cake Box Bakery offers a variety of fresh, made from scratch bakery products everyday.

For the office, soccer game, or just for the ones you love at home, we have a wide variety of sweet rolls, donuts and pastries to choose from.

Examples are cake donuts with chocolate, crunch, sugar or plain, long johns, cinnamon twists or jelly filled bismarks. Sweet danish rolls with fresh fruit, caramel pecan, almond, crunch, raisin, custard or cheese and many more.

We also have a variety of muffins, kolackys, and pastries.

                                 COFFEE CAKES
From the Chocolate Chip to the Campbell Street Special, we have a coffee cake to please every taste.

Try an apple strip, cheese strip or cinnamon almond for your next office treat. A raspberry strip, apricot almond or butterscotch pecan would be a perfect gift for your new neighbors. The streusel or butter ring are great to dip into your coffee. Or a custard pecan or strawberry cheese for a perfect dessert.

                     PETITFOURS - E-CLAIRS - SLICES
Everyone loves cake, but sometimes you only need a small individual size dessert item.

Petitfours: almond or lemon, cake bites, cream puffs or e-clairs are fancy for any party, but delicious enough for you to want to eat one after any meal or even for a snack.

If you love pie, we have apple or cherry pie slices, carrot cake, german chocolate, lemon and turtle brownie slices too.

We have a variety of delicious, preservative-free breads and rolls.

Try a buttercrust roll or a slice of wheat bread for your next sandwich. Seeded or sauerkraut rye to compliment ham or cinnamon bread for delicious french toast. Dinner rolls or hard rolls can make everyday dinners special. During the holidays, try our Swedish Limpa bread.