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Our butter cookies are made using only the finest ingredients and are decorated with colored sprinkles, chocolate or sugars.

These delightful, delicious cookies are the perfect touch for a special party, a treat for the office or just a little something special for the kids after school. They also make wonderful, savory gifts.

                     DECORATED COOKIES
Are you looking for a special treat for a birthday or soccer party? How about a unique party favor or dessert for a bridal or baby shower?

From smiley faces to butterflies, American flags to dinosaurs, soccer balls to birthday/wedding cakes, the Arlington Cake Box offers a creative selection of beautifully decorated cookies.

These cookies all start out as sugar cookies - either round or cut out in a variety of shapes. They are then dipped in chocolate and, still using chocolate, they are transformed into beautiful, unique and delicious creations. With a wide variety and incredible taste, our decorated cookies are sure to please everyone.